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How To Safely Ride In a Parade

Parades can be a fun and exciting outing for horseback riders. Those entering parades on horseback usually decorate their horse and wear special clothing or costumes that represent the theme of the parade. Fourth of July is the most popular time of year…

How Horses Help People

Equine-assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) make use of partnering with horses to help promote emotional and physical growth. EAAT are particularly useful for people who have ADD, anxiety, autism, dementia, delay in mental development, down syndrome,…

Whoa One Minute, Let’s Think First

Last week I picked my daughter up from school with the horses in tow. This is such a thrill for an eight year old girl, she was so excited. We headed to our local fairgrounds to work on her riding skills.

Why Horses are Great for Kids

Horses are gentle giants that can provide a number of positive qualities in a kid's life. From leadership skills to companionship, these are just a few reasons that horses are great for kids.

Support Youth Horse Organizations

Were you a horse crazy kid? If you had the horse bug and had a horse you were one of the lucky ones. I rode whatever horses I could find and remember that I would have ridden a cow if that was all I could find! I got my own horse when I was in 8th grade…