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The Elements of Saddle Fitting: 5 Fit Factors For Horse and Human

In recent years, the term “saddle fitting” has become a common topic of discussion. For many years I used the same two saddles and had the same four horses. Everything worked well – every horse fit with one of those saddles. I used twenty- five dollar…

8 Ways to Feel Closer and More Connected to Your Horse

Horses are extremely intelligent animals and connect in the same way we, as humans, do. They respond to body language and touch, and build a connection through trust and mutual respect.

Why Horses are Great for Kids

Horses are gentle giants that can provide a number of positive qualities in a kid's life. From leadership skills to companionship, these are just a few reasons that horses are great for kids.

Get in the Groove and Move!

I had the vet out recently to take care of a serious wound on my 3 year old and to clean a swollen sheath on an old gelding. She has been on many colic calls recently and she attributed much of the colic to lack of movement. We got to chatting about how…