10 Tips for Boarding Your Horse | Part 1

For many horse owners, boarding is necessary. Not all horse owners can have land, and many prefer not to be tied down to land and all the associated work. Prior to owning my own land, I boarded my horses for ten years at many different facilities in…

You Forgot What?

Prepare Beyond the Basics When Traveling I recently went on a two-day get away into south central New Mexico. My friend Barb asked me to help her transport a mustang to the Ruidoso area. She said that the scenery would be very pretty in that region.  I…

Questions for Formula 707

Do you have questions about your horses, our products or a blog topic you would like to read about? Please let us know! Simply post your questions or ideas in the blog comments below. We would be happy to help address some of your questions. We hope to…

Rain Day Horse Activities

July 1st  was going to be our high country riding season kick off ride. My daughter and I planned a ride at Cave Basin, a high elevation trail near Vallecito Reservoir in southwest Colorado. We woke up to heavy and steady rain. Although we were…

Are You and Your Horse a Match?

The word match has different connotations depending on how it is used. Which definition fits you and your horse? When you and your horse spend time together, are you in harmony or do you burst into flames?

Coming Home To the Cabin

Horses remember experiences from long ago and as we headed out on highway 550 north of Durango CO, I was thinking how fast 11 years passes by. It had been 11 years since my horses had spent a summer at my family cabin outside of Glenwood Springs.

A Day in the Woods

Equine trail riders in Colorado are lucky to have a great expanse of public land available for recreational use. Most of these lands are managed by the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. These lands are owned by the public – you and me –…

Warmer Weather Reminders for Horse Owners

What area of the US are you in? Whether you are in the Northern half or the lower half of the Unites States, I think we can all agree that warmer weather is a GOOD thing! Memorial Day weekend is almost here and that means pools will open and summer will…

Whoa One Minute, Let’s Think First

Last week I picked my daughter up from school with the horses in tow. This is such a thrill for an eight year old girl, she was so excited. We headed to our local fairgrounds to work on her riding skills.

8 Ways to Feel Closer and More Connected to Your Horse

Horses are extremely intelligent animals and connect in the same way we, as humans, do. They respond to body language and touch, and build a connection through trust and mutual respect.

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